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Written by Sew Crew


Posted on November 05 2021

8 Places You’ll Want To Take Pictures in CHS

Hi there! Below are ALL the best places to say cheese in Charleston. You will definitely want to swing by these 8 spots to ensure the best selfies, group shots, and self timer pics. And we can guarantee each one has the Craig Conover stamp of approval!

1. Sew What Wall

The Sewing Down South Sew What Wall is quickly becoming one of the most photographed spots in town! Located in our Flagship Store, our yarn wall is certainly a spot you sew won’t want to miss. Be sure to ask one of our Sew Crew members to take a picture of you, they know all the best angles… after all they work for Criag! 


2. The Hat Man

Located on the corner of Broad & Church streets, The Hat Man is a Charleston classic! Painted in the late 1800’s as an advertisement for a local shop, The Hat Man is now one of the most iconic landmarks South of Broad. Can you count all 16 hats that make the man? 


3. Rainbow Row

What can we say, Rainbow Row provides the perfect backdrop for any photo. These beautiful multicolored homes just south of the battery have been a must see spot in Charleston for decades. Fun fact, the homes Rainbow Row were originally owned by merchants who lived and worked out of their homes. We like this idea, maybe we should put a cot in the back of our store for Craig!


4. The Battery & White Point Gardens 

White Point Gardens, the park located at the very end of the Battery is an excellent place to capture a fun photo with family and friends. Famously known for being the location of the first shot of the Civil War, the battery is equally known for the beautiful homes that look over the Charleston Harbor. Even Craig loves to take pictures along the Battery! 


5. All Hail The King Mural

This mural comes with a side of BBQ, and we can’t think of a better combo ourselves… well maybe Pillows and Beer!? The Hail The King mural is located at Charleston favorite, Lewis Barbecue. So be sure to stop in and have a bite to eat when visiting this unique spot! P.S. The Mac & Cheese is a must.

6. Arthur Ravenel Bridge

    Built in 2005, the Arthur Ravenel Bridge is an iconic landmark in Charleston. Both locals and visitors love to experience the amazing city views atop of the bridge. Visitors can walk the bridge from either the Downtown or Mt. Pleasant side. Once at the peak, you will for sure be able to capture a one of a kind shot! 


    7. Shem Creek 

      Just over the bridge in Mt. Pleasant, Shem Creek is home to many waterfront restaurants such as Reds, Tavern & Table, and Saltwater Cowboys. If you are looking for a fun afternoon hopping around bars and restaurants, this is the place for you, it has something for everyone. Be sure to stay for sunset to get the perfect golden hour image for your instagram! 


      8. Sullivans Island

      We couldn’t make a list of places in Charleston, and not include the beach! We are sew in love with all of Charleston’s beaches, but something about Sullivans just stands out. Maybe it's the stunning beachfront homes, or the yummy restaurants on Middle Street, there’s just something special about SI. 



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