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What Makes SDS Outdoor Pillows Sew Great!?

Written by Sew Crew


Posted on June 14 2023

A List of What Makes SDS Outdoor Pillows Sew Great! 


1. Protected with SDS Shield®

All of our outdoor pillows are protected by our signature SDS Shield®, a protective treatment applied to our fabric to keep your pillows protected rain or shine. With SDS Shield® you are able to keep your outdoor pillows outdoors at all times, knowing that they will stay looking sew good!

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2. Long Lasting Color

Our pillows are designed to bring a pop of color to your outdoor space, and thats why we’ve made sure that all of our pillows have long lasting color. You can feel confident leaving your pillows in the sunshine, knowing that they won’t fade. 

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3. Sew Easy to Clean

To clean your SDS outdoor pillow all you need is brush off any dirt on you pillows, spray with a cleaning solution of mild soap and water, scrub, rinse and dry. Maintaining your pillows couldn’t get any easier than that!

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4. Bring Coastal Flair to Any Space

Our outdoor pillows are inspired by Craigs favorite place, the coast! Whether it be his home state of Delaware, or the beaches of Charleston, all of Craig’s patterns and designs have an unmistakable coastal flair. We recommend mixing and matching different patterns to give your outdoor space a look that is sew stunning! Some of our favorite patterns to mix right now are our Coral Crab Craze Outdoor PillowsMint Greek Key Outdoor Pillows & Coral Greek Outdoor Pillows (pictured below!).

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