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The Paige Collection II

Written by Store Sewing Down South


Posted on October 31 2023

The Paige Collection II is out now. The collection was announced exclusively by People Magazine yesterday, and in this blog post, you’ll get even more inside scoop!

1. People Magazine Article

We are sew excited that this collection was covered by People Magazine. You can read the full article and see exclusive pictures from the collection: HERE.

 2. Styling Secret 

Paige mentioned in the article that she’s really involved when it comes the fashion behind the photoshoot, but did you know that she pulled all the outfits for both her and Craig, and each one was better than the next. Take it from us, having Paige on a shoot is sew fun and she is always down to bring looks that could kill.

3. Perfect Pairs

This collection, like Craig and Paige, is full of perfect pairs. We recommend the following pillow pairings to bring some modern edge into your home: Exes in White + Exes in Black, Snakes Lumbar + Exes in Black, P+C Squared + Exes in White.

4. On Set TikTok 

Photoshoots aren't just for pictures anymore. We make sure to capture some fun trending content to share from our shoots. Paige and Craig are always up to make a fun tiktok and be a bit silly. Check out one of our TikTok's from the shoot HERE.

5.  Behind The Scenes Video

Want to see even more behind the scenes action from our photoshoot? Click HERE!





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