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Southern Charm Viewing Party Essentials

Written by Sew Crew


Posted on June 30 2022

Our curated list of everything we think is sew important to have with you when watching Season 8 of Southern Charm.


1. Sew Comfy Sweats

If there’s anything we know about watching Southern Charm, it’s that it’s best enjoyed cozied up in your favorite sweatshirt and joggers. There really is no better way to watch the drama unfold than when you’re nice and comfy. And if you’re looking to rep SDS while seeing us & our resident Nice Guy, Craig, on your screen, we’ve got you covered. Our SDS Needle Logo Joggers are sew soft and can pair well with any sweatshirt. We recommend pairing our Blue Jogger with our Charleston Sleeve Hoodie (it’s Craig’s go-to combo, check it out below). If you’re looking for another look that’s sew chic - pair our Sandstone Jogger with our Palmetto Hoodie

2. Something to Sip On

 When watching Southern Charm there really is only one drink that you should be sipping, and thats a Trop Hop brewed by Austen Kroll! Trop Hop now comes in three different varieties (Grapefruit IPA, Beachy Wheat Ale, and Luxury Lager), sew there is certainly something for everyone. And if you’re looking for the best way to keep your beers cold, check out our awesome cooler + koozie bundles.

3. Southern Snacks 

There is nothing that hits the spot on those hot summer nights like a good scoop of ice cream! Our flagship store is located next to Jeni’s Ice Cream, sew when we want something sweet it's our go to! You can shop it almost anywhere these days, or get it delivered. When we are craving something to remind us of Charleston, a good cheese straw does the trick. They are the quintessential southern snack and can be found at any cocktail party (we’re sure, Patricia would approve). You can find these in many grocery stores, but if you can’t get your hands on them locally, we recommend ordering the Traditional Charleston Cheese Straw from The Local Palate

4. A Cozy Vibe

There is nothing better than creating the perfect cozy vibe when you’re watching your favorite Bravo show. We think the best way to do so is to fill your couch with some of our Oversized Modern Pillows with our premium insert. Their larger size, coupled with the soft premium insert, will have you feeling sew cozy. If you’re really looking to watch like Craig, we suggest burning one of our candles while you watch (Craig is always burning these, sometimes 2 at time!). 



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