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Perfect Pairs - The Oversized Modern Collection

Written by Store Sewing Down South


Posted on August 24 2023

Our all new Oversized Modern Collection is here, and we’ve got all the styling tips you need to make the most of this classic collection. Designed with perfect pairings in mind, the Oversized Modern Collection works best when mixing pattern and playing with different sizes. Discover our perfect pairings below:

1. Mod Flora Pillow + Mod Stella Tile Pillow

These two pillows go together like Craig + Paige, southern and chic. Their modern edge mixed with a classic blue colorway makes for a fabulous combo. We recommend styling these bold pillows together on a sofa or bed to provide a pop to your decor.


2. Mod Geo Diamond Pillow + Fraternal Twin Mod Geo Diamond Lumbar Pillows

Diamonds are a decorators best friend, that’s how the saying goes… right? When building out this collection Craig wanted to provide as many options as possible in similar styles. Thus making way for our “fraternal twin” pillows, Mod Geo Diamond Lumbar in Navy & Mod Geo Diamond Lumbar in Light Blue. One features a softer light blue welt and backing, while the other offers a bold navy. Regardless of your choice, these pillows pair sew perfectly with the oversized Mod Geo Diamond Pillow.


3. Mod Large Crossing Tiles in Navy Pillow + Mod Mini Crossing Tiles in Blue Pillow


Playing with scale and pattern can provide that eye-catching look you’ve been searching for. Inspired by European tile, these pillows bring a modern approach to a classic pattern. The soft blue on the Mini Crossing Tiles in Blue pillow plays perfectly with the bold large scale tiles on our Large Crossing Tiles in Navy Pillow. When you mix and match these patterns, you are sure to be setting yourself up for success.




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