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Bee & Florals Collection: Honeyed Cedarwood Candle

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Honeyed Cedarwood Candle

Honeyed Cedarwood: a rich and exotic scent layered with saffron, jasmine, amber, honey and cedarwood. 

This candle is made from signature scents selected by Craig, and is sure to make any space smell sew good. This cozy candle is sure to fill your room or home. 

Candle Details:

  • Soy + Hand-Poured in the USA
  • 9 oz boxed, luxury quality 
  • Scents will fill the room and can be smelled upon unboxing
  • Matte white glass, accented with the SDS Logo in a coordinating print
  • Single-wick in a heavy glass vessel that we recommend you reuse for storage or a small vase!