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SDS Candle: A Walk on the Battery

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Our Sewing Down South Candle Collection is now available!

A Walk on the Battery: a layered & rich scent, made from a blend of sandalwood and honey, with notes of amber.  

This collection was a passion project of Craig's and we gotta say we're glad he did it - our store has never smelled better. Made from signature scents selected by Craig, these cozy candles are sure to fill your room or home. 

  • Soy + Hand-Poured in the USA
  • 9 oz boxed, luxury quality candle 
  • Scents will fill the room and can be smelled upon unboxing
  • Features the SDS Needle Logo in a coordinated color 
  • Single-wick in a heavy glass vessel that we recommend you reuse for storage or a small vase!
  • Matte black glass, accented with a deep navy wax seal

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